Unbound – The Path to Personal Freedom

Presented by Kelly Libby of Sacred Space Studio:

A fun and unique blend of yoga, self-inquiry, neuroscience and energy that will clear the mind and body of self-imposed limitation. Attendees leave feeling spacious, free, and much different than when they walked in.

In this fun and eye-opening workshop we will:
* uncover and resolve / release your core limiting belief systems. Also known as core initiations, these are the very things that hold us in perpetual cycles of struggle in specific areas of our lives, individual to each person. These are the things that hold us back from experiencing the life we are yearning for and expressing our full potential.
* Learn why we think the way that we do
* Learn how to release cycles of perpetual self-sabotage
* Learn how to use basic energy psychology and kinesiology to reprogram the subconscious mind
* Begin and conclude the workshop with breath and movement to open the body, to move stuck energy out of the body and to integrate the changes we’ve made into the neurology.

kelly libby

No Experience necessary – this class is open to all levels
Please bring a notebook and a yoga mat (rental mats available)
Option to bring a pendulum in place of muscle testing

Sunday July 9th 12-3 pm

$65 investment per person
Pre-registration and payment is required
Please stop in to the front desk, or call 603-356-6068 x5 to register and pre-pay over the phone