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5 Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Usage

It’s on all of our minds. We see the pictures of oceans COVERED in plastic. We hear about the damage this is doing to marine wildlife. And, we read all about Earth’s dismal future if our plastic usage doesn’t start to diminish. All of it can be really overwhelming, and some times it’s hard to know where to start. While states across the country are starting to ban single use plastics like plastic bags and drinking straws, there’s also plenty that we can do in our own daily lives to reduce plastic usage. The good news? It doesn’t have to be difficult!

Here are 5 simple ways to reduce your plastic usage.

Bring reusable bags shopping with you. (Life hack: store them in your car for those last minute shopping trips on your way home.) The bonus? Nine times out of ten, reusable bags are way more stylish and attractive than the dismal colored plastic bags the box stores hand out.

Go Bamboo! Did you know that bamboo is the world’s fastest naturally renewing resource and has inherent anti- microbial, anti- fungal, and anti- bacterial properties? These toothbrushes made by From Earth To Earth are the best! They come in fun colors, kid’s size, and family four packs. The company even makes a stylish bamboo travel case which has proven to be super handy. I’ve been using my bamboo toothbrush for just about a month now, and I have to say it works great, holds up great, and it’s just nice knowing that I’m using something that will bio degrade and not contribute to landfill waste.

Consider Refillable Packaging. As more and more companies investigate plastic free solutions, refillable packaging is becoming easier and easier to incorporate into our daily lives. Our friend Sarah down at Lotus Organic Hair Studio offers 100% organic hair care products in refillable packaging. When you run out? You just pop into the salon and refill the packaging you already own. Awesome, right?

Rethink Food Storage. With all of the options currently on the market, there’s literally no reason to ever buy plastic sandwich bags again. Our store is stocked to the brim with glass storage and stainless steel storage containers of all sizes including water bottles and travel wine glasses. We also carry straws made from plant based materials as well as stainless steel straws and cleaning brushes. My personal storage FAVORITE is Bee’s Wrap reusable sustainable food storage wraps. Made from local (Vermont!) bees wax and organic cotton, these wraps seal your food perfectly and truly withstand the test of time.

Just Say No. To plastic water bottles. I’m begging you! It’s no secret that plastic water bottles are destroying our environment, but they could also be destroying your health. Plastic water bottles can often times contain BPA. Exposure to BPA is a concern because of possible health effects of BPA on the brain and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. It can also affect children’s behavior. No thank you to all of that! Do yourself and mother earth a favor by investing in a quality, reusable drinking bottle like those from Hydroflask. A hydrated body is a happy body, and a plastic free earth would be a great place to be.

Questions on plastic free alternatives or wondering what we carry in house? We are open daily from 8AM – 8PM. Stop on in and give us a call at 603 – 356 – 6068. We’d love to help you along your plastic free journey!