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Brand Feature: Hyalogic – The Leader in Hyaluronic Acid

What happened next: Shortly after releasing their first liquid oral HA joint product, consumers began reporting a myriad of “fountain of youth” benefits beyond joint health. Today, Hyalogic® has over 60 HA-based products for humans and animals. Benefits: Promotes healthier and more supple skin Can speed up wound healing Relieves joint pain by keeping joints […]

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Herbalist Recommended Featured Supplement: CuraMed

  If you haven’t heard of CuraMed before, it’s worth looking into. It is the ONLY PATENTED curcumin with turmeric essential oil containing ar-turmerone, offering superior support for a healthy inflammation response. It supports liver, brain, heart, and immune health protects cells from oxidative stress and free radicals and has a high antioxidant ORAC value […]

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Herbalist-Recommended Top 12 Tips for Immune Support

Join Us For Wellness Monday, November 30th where we will be offering 20% Mega Food, Organic Traditions, and Wholesun Mushroom Powders all day! This is the perfect time to put together an “immune system plan” to keep you healthy this winter with the highest quality products. Social distancing protocols will be in place. Our onsite […]

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Have you met our Chocolatier?

“She lives off-grid in her trusty Toyota Truck. She wakes up every day to the first rays of sun illuminating the pristine wilderness she has chosen to call home for the night, cooks on a 3-oz stove made from a can, has nurtured a special friendship with one particular desert bee (with a severe addiction […]