The Local Grocer

Have you met our Chocolatier?

“She lives off-grid in her trusty Toyota Truck. She wakes up every day to the first rays of sun illuminating the pristine wilderness she has chosen to call home for the night, cooks on a 3-oz stove made from a can, has nurtured a special friendship with one particular desert bee (with a severe addiction to Vermont maple syrup.) She grows organic sprouts on the front passenger seat, pursues adventures of the epic kind…” and is also a published author of the book “Crazy Free” and goes by the name “Bobcat.”

Bobcat has recently been baking the chocolates here in the grocer, and it’s clear that she’s bringing her zest for life right into the kitchen.

Tropical almond joy, chocolate-covered crystallized mango, and pineapple


Espresso ganache in coffee-infused dark chocolate and Chai ganache in dark chocolate (avocado-based vegan ganache)

The chocolate display will be changing weekly, with something for everyone. A few items on the agenda this week include a tropical almond joy, a chocolate-covered crystallized mango w/ pineapple, & and an orange ganache.

Golden Tigers – turmeric ashwagandha and spices

Melissa is creatively using flowers herbs and spices like turmeric, ashwagandha, lavender, and rose.

Orange ganache and two kinds of macaroons

The Local Grocer Cafe is currently open 7 days a week for counter service and takeout. Be sure to check in weekly to see Melissa’s latest creations. Her book “Crazy Free” can also be purchased in-store.

*Crazy Free is a story of exploration – exploration of various world perceptions, concepts of self, geographic locations and personal physical boundaries.