Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is served daily from 8-3.

We buy locally whenever available and use: local organic eggs – house baked organic bread – local milk – organic produce, nuts, seeds, beans, and grains – humanely raised nitrate free meat – hormone free butter and cheese

Vegan Favs

  • Veg Head Bagel $10.99

    Sprouted grain bagel with hummus, cashew cheeze, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion.

  • Vegan Scramble Wrap $11.99

    Warm tempeh and veggie scramble, spinach, home fries, and cashew “cheese” in a wheat wrap. Can also be made as a breakfast bowl with toast for $11.99.

  • Jumpstart Bowl $13.99

    Smoothie-style blend of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, peanut butter, topped with local Grandy Oats granola, & organic fresh fruit, coconut, and chia seeds

  • Fruit and Granola Bowl $11.99

    Fresh organic fruit, Grandy Oats GF granola, and your choice of local milk or unsweetened non-dairy nutmilk.

Local Eggs

  • Breakfast Sandwich $6.99

    Fried organic egg, cheddar, toasted sourdough. Double down! Two eggs + extra cheese for $9.99

  • Southwest Breakfast Burrito $9.99

    2 scrambled eggs, Monterey jack cheese, black bean salsa – CAN BE MADE INTO A BREAKFAST BOWL for $13.99

  • Peaceful Warrior Breakfast Burrito $8.99

    2 scrambled eggs, spinach, tomato, and feta- CAN BE MADE INTO A BREAKFAST BOWL $13.99

  • My Homies Breakfast Burrito $9.99

    2 scrambled eggs, cheddar, home fries, all in a whole wheat wrap CAN BE MADE INTO A BREAKFAST BOWL for $13.99

  • The Original $7.99

    Two eggs to your liking with homefries and toast


  • NH Bacon $5.99

  • Organic Fruit Cup $6.99

  • VEGAN Bacon $5.99

  • Local Sausage $5.99

  • VEGAN Sausage $5.99

  • Homefries $3.99

  • Sprouted Grain Bagel With Cream Cheese $5.99

  • Fruit Cup $6.99

  • Paleo Muffin (GF) $4.50

  • Blueberry Muffin (GF) $4.50