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The Healthy Gut Approach to Autoimmunity

The Healthy Gut Approach to Autoimmunity

With Heather Chase,  Clinical Herbalist and Holistic Nutritional Consultant

April 22nd  and 29th


$60 for 2-part series – suggested donation – no one turned away based on inability to pay.

imagesAutoimmune disease is becoming an epidemic in our society with close to 50 million people affected by an autoimmune disease or a disease with an autoimmune component. In addition to the better known autoimmune diseases like MS and Graves’ Disease, there are also many diseases which are now suspected to have autoimmune origins or be otherwise linked to autoimmunity like chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, alzheimers, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, systemic lupus, some forms of cancer, and countless others.

This 2-part series will be exploring the role that diet and lifestyle can play in the management of autoimmune diseases.  Nutrient-dense traditional foods, a paleo-style diet, and supplements designed to heal the gut, reduce overall inflammation, support the immune system, and increase the body’s energy production will be examined.  Lifestyle changes essential to healing will also be explored.

Genetics definitely play a part in autoimmunity, but so do environmental triggers (like diet and environmental toxins), and gut health.  This class will focus on the elements that you DO have control of, and discuss ways that you can learn to manage your disease through diet and lifestyle.

Heather has a deep interest in autoimmunity as it runs strongly in her family and she herself healed her fibromyalgia symptoms six years ago with diet, herbs, and lifestyle changes.  Over the last year, a recurrence of similar symptoms led her to investigate the subject even further and has led her to her current knowledge, healing, and desire to share her experience and knowledge with her community.  For more information on the class, feel free to email her at