We’re a one-stop natural foods grocery • Organic and Local when possible, always All-Natural.

Why go down the strip when you can get your groceries here? Our deli serves sliced all-natural deli meats and regional cheeses, salads, entrees and lots of grab-and-go-items. Our produce section is packed with a full selection of organic and locally grown seasonal produce. Our freezer is stocked with a full selection of all-natural and organic meats, many locally raised! We have a full aisle of gluten-free foods and a large section of our freezer space in specifically gluten-free. Our generous bulk section and a large array of dry goods provide the basics for your organic shopping list and the healthy snacks and food bars (you won’t find soy protein isolate in OUR food bars) help provide the essentials for those on the go. We strive to offer the highest quality items and provide for all your shopping needs. And please…..Feel free to make suggestions. We’re always looking for new items to add to our expanding inventory and welcome special requests!