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Why Buy A Naturally Raised Turkey?

Why Buy a Naturally and Humanely Raised Turkey?  There are MANY reasons!  Firstly, most commercial turkeys are raised in confinement, in very cramped conditions, and without access to fresh air.  Beyond the obvious ethical concerns of eating inhumanely raised meats, consider the following.

Growing animals in these unnatural conditions can lead to a myriad of illnesses which commercial growers try to prevent by feeding the turkey “medicated” feed.  Medicated can mean different things but almost always entails ANTIBIOTICS.  We’re learning more and more of the ill health effects of eating meat that was raised with antibiotics.  Eating “medicated” meat introduces those same antibiotics into our own systems.  Even at low doses, this repeated exposure can wreak havoc with the friendly bacteria in our system, leading to gut dysbiosis and a host of digestive issues.  We’re becoming more aware of how integral digestive wellness is to our overall health.  It’s virtually imposssible to be a healthy individual without a healthy digestive system.  Digestive disease can lead to inflammation, food senstivities, immune issues, and a host of other health problems.

Also, did you know that most commercial birds, because of their living conditions and the food they are fed, end up being tasteless and dry, so often they are injected with saline solution and vegetable oils to improve texture and taste.  A host of other flavorings and additives are also used, depending on the brand.

Do something good for yourself and your family this year and buy a naturally and humanely raised turkey.  You’ll  feel good about your purchase AND taste the difference!

If you’re going to be in the Mount Washington Valley for Thanksgiving and are interested in reserving a fresh, naturally and humanely raised Stonewood Farm Turkey,  stop by The Local Grocer, or call us at 603-356-6068.   A deposit is required to reserve your bird.

Happy and Healthy Holidays from The Local Grocer!