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You can save money by ordering case quantities directly from our distributor UNFI to have them shipped to us with our weekly delivery.

**Need smaller quantities or to order from a different vendor? Try a Special Order instead.**

Please note: we do not automatically reorder out of stock items. If there are out of stock items in your order, you’ll be notified on or near the delivery day. You are responsible for reordering out of stock items.
Your price will be comparable, but not always exactly what is listed, due to UNFI’s invoicing structure.


Orders must be placed by noon Monday for delivery by Friday.
We will call you when your order arrives.

1) Click here to visit the login page

2) Enter the following login credentials and then click "Log In"
Username: Chesterfield1 (case sensitive)
Password: Buyingclub1 (case sensitive)

3) Once logged in, use the search bar to find the products your looking for. Then, copy/paste the Product Code, Brand, and Product Description into the designated fields below. Make sure to include the quantity as well. Add one product per row by using the "+" sign to additional rows as needed.

4) Submit the form.

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