Why Local? The Benefits of Eating Local

  • Unique Varieties

  • Optimum Freshness and Nutrition

  • Healthier for the planet and you!

  • It supports your local farmer, economy and community

  • Helps create and support meaningful local jobs

You can’t get any fresher than from down the road….

Our farm (Mountain Flower Farm) produces herbs and vegetables for the store and to use in the cafe. We compost all of our pre-consumer food waste.

What we can’t grow ourselves on our small farm we buy as locally as we can.

Some of our local farmers include: 

Pork Hill Farm

Good Buddy Farm

Peppermint Field Farm

Sherman Farm

New Day Farm

Some of our local vendors and artisans include:

Jenni Blair Pottery

Peace Of Mind Bakery

Maine Morning Micro Roasters

Lisa’s Lidz Hats

Sap Hound Maple Company

Garden Dreams

Love Knots

Choucas Hats

Support your local farmers and artisans by buying local. It feels good to know your money is helping to support a local family.  And not only is it good for your community, but it’s also good for the planet.  Most vegetables, even if purchased domestically, are shipped from California, Florida, or Washington requiring large amounts of fossil fuel.  The more we can buy locally, the less we are contributing to the detrimental environmental effects of fossil fuel consumption.

Another benefit to eating local food is the variety that you can get from local sources.  Most produce shipped commercially is grown for its ability to “travel” and not for its simple deliciousness or nutrient content.  When food doesn’t have to travel such long distances, the sheer taste can decide which varieties are offered.   This enables a diversity of tasty offerings not possible with commercially grown organic produce.