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Take The Local Five Pledge

Did you know that August is “Eat Local” month in New Hampshire? With all the fresh produce being harvested, it makes perfect sense. Eating local is not only in the best interest of your health, supporting your local farmers is good for our communities. Here at The Local Grocer, we feature local organic produce from our own Mountain Flower Farm, as well as other local farms. Thank you for supporting local!

Each August, NH Eat Local  hopes to inspire you to eat more locally grown, raised and made foods, meet the farmers, growers and chefs behind your food and learn new skills that keep you eating locally throughout the year. Celebrate our harvest!

The following information is taken from – a great resource for healthy eating and related events in New Hampshire.

“During NH Eat Local Month, we’re encouraging all of New Hampshire to take a pledge to spend $5 a week on locally produced foods. $5 might not seem like a lot, but if every person in New Hampshire dedicated $5 of their grocery money each week to local foods, we would contribute over $338 million back into the state’s economy. Even better, the money you spend won’t be going to a stranger out West – it will go right back into your community, helping out your neighbors and friends. Already eating a lot of local food? You can challenge yourself to try new foods every week, and see if you can double your impact with $10, $20, or more.

Supporting local food doesn’t just help the economy, though. Purchasing your food close to home often means it will be fresher, in-season, and tastier than food grown thousands of miles away. Many small farmers also grow organically, with regenerative practices that encourage healthy soil and water. Local food also promises cleaner air – the average piece of produce in the US travels over 1,500 miles to your plate, adding up to a lot of additional CO2 emissions! And by supporting small farmers here, you help to make sure our beautiful rural landscapes aren’t sold to developers.

Perhaps the best part of local eating is the increased connections you make with others in the community. Don’t be afraid to talk to the farmer at the market, or the small restaurant sourcing local ingredients. Ask questions about where, when, and how your food was grown or made. Get to know the food producers and businesses around you – what you find might surprise you!”

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